The foundation of any 3D visualization / interactive application


We create all of our CAD files in 3D.

A common misconception is that 3D drafting is much more expensive compared to 2D drafting, while in fact 3D drafting will be cheaper in the end and it comes with multiple advantages such as:

– Ability to easily extract a list of quantities for cost estimate purposes
– Changes in the 3D model will automatically update all the effected floor plans, elevations and sections.
– Possible issues can be spotted and corrected very early in the process, potentially saving lots of money.
– It’s very easy to collaborate and discuss designs using a 3D model compared to only having 2D drawings.
– You’ll have a great foundation for any visualization needs for your project.

We can export our CAD files in numerous file formats so that you can open / import them in to your favorite software.


We’ll be able to convert your 2D plans or scan data in to 3d CAD files.
If required we can put you in touch with someone to scan a property in your area as well.

We can export the CAD files in to the following file formats:

– IFC (Industry standard for BIM)
– 2D / 3D DWG (Uniform file format which most CAD applications can read)
– FBX (Autodesk uniform 3D file format)
– SKP (For Sketchup)
– Many more

Are you looking for a specific file format that is not listed above? Feel free to contact us about it and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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