3D Scan plus conversions

Why use a 3d scan?

There are many use cases for 3d scanned data. Since we aim to get the most of this data, we are always looking into the latest tools and developments on the subject.

Do you have a specific use case or question that isn’t listed on this website? Feel free to contact us and we will see what we can do for you!

Main use cases

Starting point for CAD

Using the data from a 3D scanner as a starting point for CAD modelling is not only a time saver, it is also very accurate and helps eliminate human error.


Keep an eye on the progress during construction, create annotations and easily share them, so that everyone that needs to will stay up to date.

Showroom / restaurant

Engage with your customers by letting them have a look inside your showroom, office or restaurant, from your website with a beautiful 3d tour!

Real estate

Sell properties faster by showcasing them in 3d. Easily embed them on to any website!

Tour examples

From showroom to real estate and construction.

Combine 3D with 2D

Floorplans, sections and elevations can be merged with a 3d scan, to be showcased on iOS or Android.

Measure and annotate

Measure, annotate and share with ease.

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