Interactive applications

First person navigation

Walk through a design in first person view just like a video game. This allows clients to check out every corner of a design.

Change materials

Sometimes it can be hard to choose a specific material or color without seeing it actual room. With the ability to change materials and colors in real-time inside a virtual room, this becomes much easier!


In order to make the best possible choices, you should be able to see those choices inside a design and have the ability to switch between them.

Virtual reality

If you really want to take it to the next level, you should consider virtual reality. Virtual reality doesn’t just show a design, it let’s you and your clients experience it!

Test it yourself!

We currently offer interactive designs in the form of standalone Windows applications.

Want to test an example file and perhaps check if your machine is capable of running it properly? Feel free to download the demo file below!

Download demo

System recommandations:

Windows 7 or later
Quadcore processor with 2.5Ghz or more
4 GB of RAM
DirectX 11 compatible graphics card

Support for Mac will be added in the near future.

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