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On this page you’ll find an overview of services that could prove especially useful for Matterport service providers.

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For additional details about a particular service, please have a look at the page corresponding to the service you are interested in or contact us!

1 on 1 OBJ to Sketchup

Simple cost efficient OBJ to SketchUp conversion

Did you scan an empty house and you want to give an impression of what it could look like with some furniture? Then a cheap OBJ to SKP conversion could be what you are looking for. SketchUp is an easy to use free 3D application with a very large library of 3D models.

Requirement: Matterport OBJ file
Deliverible: SKP

Simple CAD conversion

Clean CAD files with global measurements

If you want to give your client a general idea of what a property could look like after a remodelling job, you will need a 3D model with clean geometry. This not only makes it easy to edit, it can also be exported it to a lot of different file formats. Depending in the clients needs, these different file formats can be used to create all sorts of presentations.

Requirements: Floorplan or matterport OBJ file
Deliverable: A clean CAD file with global measurements. Availible in a variety of formats

  • 3DS
  • IFC
  • SKP
  • FBX
  • DWG
  • BIMX


CAD files for AEC / remodeling jobs

Creating a proper CAD file comes with a lot of great advantages. Besides the ability to create building plans, they can also be used for collaborating and realistic visualizations for example. We can export our CAD files in a variety of file formats;

  • IFC (For architectural applications like AutoCAD, Revit and ArchiCad)
  • BIMX (AEC presentation / collaboration tool)
  • SKP (For creating designs in SketchUp)
  • 3DS
  • DWG
  • FBX
  • XLS (data extraction like wall and flooring surfaces)

BimX presentation

Great for presentation and collaboration

All required information packed in to a single presentation file with 3D models, important documents, drawings and much more. Easily shared and presented on Android and iOS.

Available in a basic version where the Matterport OBJ file is imported and combined with floor plans and optional additional pages. These additional pages have to be provided in PDF format.

Also available as an addition to our CAD services. Collaboration has never been easier. Check out the video to learn more!


Visualization and interaction

Bring ideas to life

With stunning stills, animations, interactive walkthroughs, and even Virtual reality applications!

Great tools to showcase a property and to convince your clients, whether it’s for new housing or a remodeling job.

Animation sequence

Interactive walkthrough

Virtual reality design

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